Liquid Manure


EDAGUM®SM is a natural bio stimulator of plant growth and development, worked out on the basis of ecologically clean raw material - a low-land peat. A special production technology of the  EDAGUM®SM allows to extract from peat and to preserve the whole complex of biologically active substances, cre­ated by nature: humic and fulvic acids, macro- and microelements in bioavailable organic species, as well as native microflora, under influence of which active processes of humification take place and which serves as a source of active natural associations of microorganisms for degraded soils. Thereby, EDAGUM®SM is not only humic, but also a natural microbiological product, possessing unique biological activity and a broad spectrum of action.

EDAGUM®SM ican be applied to  any soil types, including alkaline soils with low iron contents, on saline soils, on sandy soils with low humus content. The product can be  used at all stages of plant growth and development: from preplant seed and vegetating plants treatment up to soil treatment above afterharvesting residues. EDAGUM®SM is also used in “organic” agriculture for cultivating ecologically clean production.


The product is completely soluble in water what allows using it in different irrigation systems (drip watering, sprinkling and others), to process the agricultural cultures using aviations and any types of spraying devices. Ap­plication of the product fits well any system of agricultural techniques and does not require any additional expenses for its application since it can be used either by itself, or in the same tank mixture with pesticides, mineral or organic fertilizers.


Application rate

EDAGUM®SM is applied as working solution at a rate 400 ml + 300 l water per 1 hectare (on vegetating plants).


Key Benefits

  1. Increase the productivity of different crops from 10-30% (cereals, cotton), up to 40-50% and more (potatoes, cucurbits crop)
  2. Reduce the application rates of agrochemicals, including ammonium nitrate on 20-40%;
  3. Increase the efficiency of pesticides by 15-20%, removing “chemical stress” from their influence on plants;
  4. Increase plant resistance to fungus and bacterial diseases, as well as to unfavorable environmental condi­tions (drought, excessive overwetting, frosts);
  5. Improve  production quality by  increasing content of vitamins, sugars, proteins etc.,
  6. Accelerate the yield maturation by  10-12 days
  7. Increase soil fertility and water-holding capacity;
  8. It reduces the effect of  soil pesticide residues, heavy metals and other toxicants by bonding it to soil and thereby prevents their uptake by plants, transfer to ground waters and atmosphere.

Advantages of EDAGUM®SM over other humic products:

  • Unique composition: high content of humic and fulvic acids, macro- and microelements, amino acids, carbohy­drates, carboxylic acids, useful microorganisms
  • Higher biological activity, than in the other products, including the ones from coal, and consequently, much higher efficiency;
  • Prolonged action – from the moment of seeds germination up to ripening of the harvest, which is very important under unfavorable climatic condition (drought, frosts and etc);
  • Low expenses: application rate is just 400 ml (+ 300 l of water) per 1 hectare, product can be applied in the same tank mixture with the other fertilizers and plant protection products;
  • Ecologically safe product for human and environment.
  • High efficiency of fertilizer EDAGUM®SM is confirmed by long-term practice of its application in large agri­cultural enterprises, as well in test studies of Russian and foreign research institutions in 2006-2011.