Pusa Hydrogel

What is Pusa Hydrogel?

Pusa Hydrogel is  a super absorbent of water which swell and retain absorbed aqueous medium in their networked structure and is boidegradable in soil after one year of application. It is developed by IARI PUSA New Delhi ,its  Natural, Bio-degradable,non toxic and non Hazardous

How does it works?

  • Acts like a sponge and it absorbs  water and releases it slowly to the crops to get a sustained supply of moisture .
  • Water loss due to evaporation is significantly reduced.
  • It influences infiltration rates, density, soil structure, texture and compaction
  • Hydrogel enhance germination rates
  • Improves physical properties of the soil
  • Increases the water/moisture holding capacity of the soil
  • Reduces soil erosion
  • Reduces leaching of nutrients in the soil
  • Increases biological/microbial activity in the soil
  • Increases the oxygen/air availability in the root zone
  • Doesn’t have any effect on soil pH


Key Benefits


    1. Reduce moisture stress - both high and low.

    2. Improves physical structure  of the soil.

    3. Increases water / moisture holding capacity of the soil.

    4. Reduces erosion and leaching of nutrients in the soil.

    5. Increases oxygen/air availability in the root zone.

    6. Reduces water loss through  evaporation

    7. Complementary with ‘drip irrigation’.

    8. Increases the biological activity in the soil  


Where it can be used?

It can be used for all crops and all soil types;  Its benefits are most easily noticed in

–Nurseries, seedling beds

–Crops sensitive to moisture stress – excess and shortage
–Crops needing large quantities of water
–Container gardens - pots
When to apply?

Best results are noted when Kauveryis  applied at sowing time.  It helps in better germination and root establishment.


Recomended Doses

General Recommendation:  1 kg per acre

Special recommendation:

For sandy soil, use up to 2.5 kg per acre. Apply Pusa Hydrogel  depths of 6 to 8 niches of  soil

In clay soils apply Anmol in the top 4 inches of the soil.


Application method 

For field crops

Prepare the field for sowing.

Add 1 kg of  Pusa Hydrogel  to 10 kg of fine dry soil and Mix properly,

The 11 kg of mixture (PusaHydrogel+soil) should be applied along with the seeds / fertilizer.

For best results, Pusa hydrogel  should be close to seeds.

In nursery bed for transplants

Apply 2 gm per sq. meter of nursery bed mix Pusa Hydrogel uniformly in the top 2 inches of the nursery bed.

While transplanting

Thoroughly mix 2 gms of Pusa Hydrogel per litre of water to prepare a free flowing solution and allow to settle for half an hour. Dip the roots of the plant in the solution and than transplant  in the field.